ABC Solar Incorporated is a Solar Energy Specialist, CA License #914346, PH:1-310-373-3169, US Toll Free:1-866-40-SOLAR

Answers to Key Questions

Rebates and Credits
Rebates are done! They have done their job and your solar system can break even in as little as 5 years.

There is a "30%" Federal tax credit.

Design Considerations
ABC Solar will design your system to perform its best based on your location. Our focus is on the "look and feel" of your solar installation and its energy production. Our goal is to design systems that fit into your building.

Solar does not work in the shade. We are very careful about design and layout to minimize anything that will cause shade or reduce production.

ABC Solar works closely with you to find the right system for your location and budget.
We have been installing solar systems for over 17 years and have built the knowledge and team to be installing the rest of our careers.
    Our effort is to build great systems and great jobs that last. Please call us today.

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